Hotel Lobby
Comfortable sofa and chairs are furnished in the lobby.

The Stained glasses were designed flower of prefecture "camellia" and flower of city "hydrangea". These flowers are representative Nagasaki.
A cup of coffee is served for 200yen.

Souvenir Shop
Nagasaki's specialty goods and excellent sweets for sale.

Nagasaki specialty goods and sweets, shochu (Japanese distilled spirits) from various parts of Kyushu, affordable key chains and lovely glassworks are available here.

■Business Hours 7:00am-10:00am & 5:00pm-10:00pm

Restaurant "Sunrise"
Buffet restaurant with spectacular night view.
Buffet (Adult) 4,000yen Buffet (Child) 2,800yen
Draft beer (medium) 700yen Bottled beer 750yen
Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits) (0.9-liter bottle) 2,400yen First-grade sake (a glass) 600yen
Cold sake 900yen Orange juice, coke, oolong tea 300yen
■Business Hours 6:00pm-9:00pm
Enjoy Nagasaki's special cuisine such us fresh sashimi , stewed pork and noodles.
Seasonal gourmet events are held.

Large Public Bath
The bath room commands a romantic night view of the Nagasaki downtown.

Full-scale public bath with a spacious bath area.
The bath room commands a romantic night view of the Nagasaki downtown.
<Bath Equipment>
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Men's shaver, Lady's shower cap, Hair dryer, Hair comb
Large public bath for men "Glover" 4:00pm-12:00am / 5:30am-9:00am
Large public bath for women "Holland" 4:00pm-12:00am / 5:30am-9:00am
*Public bath for groups opens by advance reservation only.
Contact us in advance when requesting the use (advance reservation required).
Public bath for groups: "Saruku" & "Burabura".

Game Arcade
Enjoyable for all ages.

A variety of game machines are placed. TV and comfortable sofas are furnished.

■Business Hours 5:00pm-10:00pm

Lounge Bar "Panorama"
The lounge bar furnished with nice viewing seats by window.

With absolutely stunning night view, enjoy drinking and night snacks at reasonable prices. The lounge also offers a meeting place after bath or relaxing space for guests.
Draft beer (medium) 700yen Bottled beer 750yen
Whiskey From 500yen Shochu From 500yen
Cold sake 900yen Umeshu (plum wine) 500yen
Orange juice, coke, oolong tea 300yen Coffee and Tea 400yen
Champon (noodles stewed with meat and vegetables) 650yen Snacks From 300yen

Karaoke "Utahime"
Karaoke rooms boosting joyful moments.

The lounge include private rooms for a small group to large spacious rooms.
Room for 6-15 guests (an hour) 4,800yen Rooms for 16-20 guests (an hour) 6,800yen
Bottled beer 750en Shochu (0.9-liter bottled) 2,400yen
Cold sake 900yen Orange juice, coke, oolong tea 300yen
Snacks From 400yen
■Business Hours 8:00pm-11:00pm
*Rooms open by advance reservation only. Booking is available at the front desk by 9:00pm.
*Guests can bring purchased beverages from vending machines.

Dinner theater "Diamond Hall"
Banquet & Meeting room
For big cerebration and ceremony

The hotel offers the largest dinner theater in the city, a variety of banquets and meeting rooms.
Please feel free to contact us.
Dinner theater "Diamond Hall" 480㎡ Ruby Room 192㎡
Sunshine (Partition is available.) 288㎡ Ariake (Japanese-style is available.) 119㎡
Shimabara 72㎡ Omura 30-tatami-mat room

Laundromat & Ping-pong area
  ●Laundromat ●Ping-pong table
Floor 2nd floor in Building No.1
(near the large public bath)
2nd floor in Building No.1
(near the large public bath)
Business hours 24 hours 24 hours
Fee Washing machine: free
Dryer: 100yen / 10 min
Others Detergent is sold at the front desk.
100yen / portion
Paddles and a ping-pong ball
are available at the front desk.

Kids play area
The kids play area powered up!

Fun for kids! Kids for pleasure!

For 50 cars & 2 coaches

The parking capacity is limited. No coin parking nearby since the surround is a quiet residential area.
*Please deposit your car key at the front desk when the parking gets crowded.
Type of vehicle Overnight guest Day guest
Car 500yen 200yen
Medium-size bus 1,000yen 400yen
Coach 1,500yen 500yen


Free wireless internet connection available throughout the facility, in all guest rooms and the lobby area. Please feel free to use with a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.*Please be aware that there may be times when it is difficult to connect to the internet.

Attention for Using(PDF)


Buildings Building No.1:the 8th floor / Building No.2:the 6th floor / Building No.3:the 7th floor
Guest rooms 156 rooms
Front Desk Lobby, the ground floor in Building No.1
Facilities Buffet restaurant "Sunrise", souvenir store, Game arcade, Karaoke "Utahime", Laundromat, Ping-pong table, Kids play area.
Bath Large public bath (men / women) on the 2nd floor in Building No.1,
2 private baths for group (advance reservation required).
Banquet Diamond Hall, Ruby Room, Ariake, Sunshine, Shimabara, and Oomura.
Parking 50 cars, 2 coaches. Fee: 500yen a night for a car.
Rental equipment Wheelchair, Air purifier, Humidifier, Trouser presser, Desk lamp, Iron, Board games: Go, Cards, Othello, Jenga, Game of Life, Baseball board game, etc.
Agency services Parcel delivery (at souvenir store), Calling taxi, Massage, and Dry cleaning.
Check in /
Check out
3:00pm / 10:00am
Internet connection service Internet connection service by Free Wi-Fi is now available at lobby.
* In the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) during use, there might be less likely to lead by time zone.
Credit Card The following credit cards are accepted: JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, UC, NICOS, Diners, MUFG, SAISON, UnionPay, CF, and, APLUS.

*When credit card transaction is selected on a booking page, the notice will be sent by "JTB Book & Pay" for the customer.

Inquiries & Reservations
Tel: +81-95-824-2151