Enjoy the buffet at attractive price! The buffet features a wide variety of dishes such as local goodies, fresh seafoods, vegetables and even a popular chocolate fountain!
Delighted seasonal special menus indulge gourmet guests. The buffet also offers Kids' favorites!


More than 50 of dishes of Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines.
 The popular buffet-style dining serves a variety of 50 dishes featuring Japanese, Western, Chinese cuisines and desserts. Indulge our reputed all-you-can-eat snow crab, roast beef, our proud fresh sashimi (raw fish), sushi and teppanyaki (Japanese style cooking on iron plate)
*Some dishes are subject to change to the order-style. (A dish will be served to a table after ordering.)

 Dinner time  6:00pm to 9:00pm
 Dining place  Restaurant or Banquet

Shippoku Cuisine (Japanized Chinese-Western cuisine)

Shippoku Cuisine (Japanized Chinese-Western cuisine)
Enjoy the traditional tastes starting from "Ohirewan" (fish soup) to "Umewan" (sweet beans porridge) for the last dessert.

To satisfy a daily energy

Hearty buffet with more than 25 Japanese and Western-style dishes.
The buffet breakfast serves fresh cooked rice, miso soup and a wide variety of side dishes, and also bread, soup and coffee for those who prefer Western meal. Self-service drinks include milk, orange juice and other beverages.

Breakfast time  7:00am to 9:00am
Breakfast place  Restaurant

Special Menu
Selected  seasonal ingredients

Appreciate our proud cuisine with fresh seafoods caught in the Nagasaki sea around, the specialty stewed pork and assorted whale meat.
Assorted sashimi (raw fish)
Spiny lobster
Assorted whale meat
Abalone browned in butter
Stewed pork with steamed bread
Stewed pork with steamed bread
・Assorted sashimi   From 2,000yen/person
・Sea bream sashimi arranged in the original shape From 7,000yen/a fish
・Spiny lobster (400g/a lobster) -sashimi on the carapace, boiled with shells on, boiled in salty water- From 7,000yen
・Abalone (250g/an piece) -sashimi, browned in butter, steak- From 5,000yen
・Assorted whale meat From 3,500yen/plate
・Sea beam broiled with salt From 1,500yen/plate
・Stewed bony parts of fish From 5,000yen/plate for 5 persons
・Turbo grilled in the shell From 6,000yen/plate for 5 persons
・Sirloin steak of Nagasaki beef (180g) From 5,500yen
・Fillet steak of Nagasaki beef (180g) From 6,500yen
・Stewed pork with steamed bread 800yen

*A service charge (10%) is included. Tax (8%) will be added to your bill.
*Advance reservation is required.

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Hours 6:00pm-9:00pm
Venue Individual meeting room
Hours 6:00pm-9:00pm
Place Restaurant
Hours 7:00am-9:00am
Place Restaurant
If you have any requests or allergy concerns, please contact our staff in advance.



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