Hotel Lobby

hotel lobby

Enjoy tea time at the hotel lounge.

Our staff welcome visitors full-heartedly at the redesigned front desk. The spacious lobby of the large resort hotel is reputed to comfort guests' stay. The hotel lounge becomes available for a cafe as well. Enjoy coffee time after meals or relaxing time before bed.

Lounge Business Hours  7:00-10:00 / 15:00-21:00

Menu *Tax-included price.
Coffee (Hot, Iced)・Orange juice: ¥330 each
Original drink (tumbler) ¥550

Take out menu (cup)
Coffee (Hot, Iced)・Orange juice ¥330 each
Original drink ¥385

Large public bath & Open-air bath

Large public bath

Cascading hot spring and sauna are equipped. The bath supplies natural hot spring.

The glass-walled large public bath admits bright sunlight, and includes cascading hot spring and sauna. Open-air bath enclosed in forest has full of refined atmosphere. The bath supplies absolutely 100% of natural hot spring.

Business Hours  15:00-9:30 the following day


Satsuma-style Restaurant "Ryoma"

Restaurant Ryoma

A variety of drinks and foods

Business Hours  20:00-24:00 (Last call 23:30)

Drink menu *Tax-included price.

Beer (medium bottle)
Whiskey (with mineral water)
Oolong tea, coke
¥300 each
Shochu 0.9-liter bottle (Japanese distilled spirits) (sweet potato, barley, rice, unrefined sugar)

Food menu *Tax-included price.

Ramen (pork based, soy-sauce flavored)
2 Rice balls

Lounge Bar "Oryou"

Lounge Bar Oryou

Select all-you-can-drink plan or one-shot plan

Business Hours  20:00-24:00

All-you-can-drink plan *Tax-included price.
Price ¥2,500 for 90 minutes
beer (a bottle per person), whisky (with water etc), sake, shochu (sweet potato, barley, rice), cocktails, highball, and soft drinks.

One-shot plan *Tax-included price.
whiskey (with water), beer, sake, shochu (sweet potato, barley, rice) ¥700 each, soft drink ¥500
*¥1,400/person for cover charge will be added to your bill. This plan is for 90 minutes.



Our hotel original sweets "Kirishima no hana" and a variety of local specialties are here.

There are pecialties, excellent sweets of South Kyushu and local shochu from various parts of Kyushu.

Business Hours  7:00-10:00 / 16:30-21:30

【excellent sweets】*Tax-included price.
The hotel's original sweets
Kirishima no hana (10 pieces) ¥760 / (15 pieces) ¥1,080

Kagoshima's excellent sweets
2colors Karukan (4 pieces) ¥540 / 3colors Karukan (10 pieces) ¥1,350

Only available in Kagoshima
Anno potato financier (4 pieces) ¥650 / (10 pieces) ¥1,620

【Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits)】*Tax-included price.
Rokusha gongen 25% ABV 900ml ¥1,530  Takeyama gensui 25% ABV 720ml ¥1,470
Komatsu tatewaki 25% ABV 900ml ¥1,530  Daiyame 25% ABV 500ml ¥1,300
Satsuma ishin 25% ABV 900ml ¥1,360



A variety of banquet halls are available for parties and meetings.

Banquets can be arranged to accommodate any number of guests.

Banquets are available for buffet dining place and conference rooms.

Medium banquets:
Takachiho 84-tatami-mat room (dividable into 35 & 49-tatami-mat rooms), Sakurajima 45-tatami-mat room, Kaimon 45-tatami-mat room

Small banquets:
Matsu, Ume & Sakura of 27-tatami-mat room each, Fuji, Ayame, Botan & Hagi of 22-tatami-mat room each

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

Relax in the destination. Recharge your body and spirit in a gentle music and aroma.

Guests are welcomed with relaxing music and healthy tea. The salon also sells aroma goods, tea and natural cosmetics. Feel free to visit us.

Beauty care menu *Tax-included price.
◆Body massage
① Basic 40 minutes course ¥4,400
② Basic 60 minutes course ¥6,600

◆Facial treatment
③ Whitening course ¥3,300
④ Mens' course ¥3,300
⑤ Special course ¥6,600

◆Other courses
⑥ Scrubbing treatment A ¥4,400
⑦ Scrubbing treatment B ¥6,600
⑧ Foot course (Foot massage) ¥3,300
⑨ Aroma care + Head massage ¥4,400
⑩ Sakura course ¥9,900
*Special facial cource + Aroma course


Enjoy our Special buffet which is delicious dishes from various parts of Kyushu.

The bright restaurant with large windows. Serve with dinner and breakfast buffet.


Complimentary parking for 150 cars and 15 motorcoaches.

Complimentary parking for 150 cars and 15 motorcoaches.

*WiFi in all guest rooms

Free wireless internet connection available throughout the facility, in all guest rooms and the lobby area. Please feel free to use with a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.*Please be aware that there may be times when it is difficult to connect to the internet.

Attention for Using (PDF)

Room Information

Guest rooms 158 rooms
Bath (hot spring) Large public bath, Open-air bath, Sauna (15:00-9:30 the following day)
Facilities Bar, Karaoke, Lounge, Banquets, Shop, and Beauty salon
Rental Equipment Pants presser (complimentary), Shogi & Go (complimentary), Mahjongg (paid service)
Agency Service Beauty care (paid service), Massage (paid service), Delivery service (paid service)
Check-in/out Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00
Internet connection service Internet connection service by Free Wi-Fi is now available at all the guest rooms and lobby.
* Please be aware that there may be times when it is difficult to connect to the internet. 
Credit Cards JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, UC, DC, NICOS, Diners, SAISON, Debit card
Customers can select advanced online credit card transaction when booking.
Select the transaction on booking screen.
*When credit card transaction is selected on booking screen, the notice will be sent by "JTB Book & Pay" for the customer.

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